J.R. Vaquero

CBCA 11865/ABCA 399103

"Kero" came to Rafter V Ranch from Juan Reyes' breeding program in Wyoming. He is an extremely talented young dog who is proving himself on the ranch and in trial arenas and fields across Canada and the USA. His ability to read stock along with his shear power and speed are attributes we value in a working cowdog. We are extremely happy with the pups he is producing as they begin their working careers! He stamps his pups with his traits quite consistently.

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ISDS 00/356800 CBCA Pending

"Jack" came to Rafter V from South Wales and is owned in partnership with Jeff Schwitzer. Jack embodies qualities we feel will cross well with our JR Vaquero genetics. His quiet, patient work ethic does not compromise his forward power. Stock melts off his calm pressure. His transition to working various types of stock has been an easy task and we are thrilled to have him in our kennel.

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RVR Jock

CBCA 14963

This may be the most talented pup we have started to date. This J.R. Vaquero son is so similar to his father. Jock's natural desire to cover, combined with bite and presence, leave us in awe on a daily basis. At such a young age it is hard to say what his future holds but if I had to guess you will see big things from this pup down the road. He has big shoes to fill but he is already following closely in his sire's footprints.

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CBCA 17012/ABCA 445903

We are very proud to have Snip join our team in January 2020. Snip is owned in partnership with Jeff Schwitzer. Snip was bred by Miles Bailey in Missouri and is a daughter of the great "Mo" dog of Lyle East. Snip is very strong on the head and never backs down. Her stamina and ability to read stock along with her superior genetics make her a great addition to our team.

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CBCA 15083

Dot came to us as a pup from Blanchette Ranch at Vawn SK. Her easy nature and strong powerful eye as well as tons of style are just a few of her natural talents. At a young age she is already showing us she deserves a permanent place at Rafter V.

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CBCA 5518

UPDATE... Sadly we lost Gayle in the fall of 2017. Her genetics will live on at Rafter V along with the memories of a great cow dog! Gayle" is the reason, we at Rafter V, are where we are today with our Border Collie program! She was our first true experience with a cowdog who possessed everything we had heard about.... Grit, Power, Eye, Style and the ability to replace a few great stockmen!

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CBCA 6667

UPDATE... Rafter V said good bye to Shy in the fall of 2016! We will miss this determined, headstrong dog more than we can imagine! Shy" possesses everything a true "cowdog" requires to excel in everyday work or in the cowdog trial arena. Her grit and power make her a huge asset to Rafter V. Her impecible bloodlines are extremely hard to find today.

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RVR Jett

CBCA 12954

UPDATE... Jett now makes his home on a ranch in British Columbia. Thank You Jordan for trusting our program! This young male is the epitemy of quiet confience! Jett embodies alot of his father's traits although his patience and willingness go above and beyond. He is extremely biddable yet powerful and confident. He controls every situation with a quiet calm nature and treats his stock with the utmost respect.