Working Border Collies/Olde English Pocket Beagles

In 2001, with a vision of carrying on our love of ranch life we set our sights on a beautiful piece of ranch land which today is the home of Rafter V Ranch!
In the heart of the beautiful Saskatchewan prairies we are focusing on marketing top quality Working Border Collies and Registered Olde English Pocket Beagles.
Our passion for the canine creatures that greet you at the front gate began years ago and while raising working Border Collies we stumbled across the rare and wonderful Olde English Pocket Beagle. Producing and offering these two breeds as working ranch and companion dogs allows us to share a piece of Rafter V with those around us!
Our passion for the working border collie and love of training and trialling these amazing dogs lead us to venture into Ranch Dog Inc. Our company focuses on providing premium services and products to handlers across North America and also hosting and providing avenues for exposure of working stock dogs.
Please look around our website and get to know Rafter V and Ranch Dog Inc.
Feel free to contact us any time with questions about our canine breeding programs at Rafter V and the products, services and events offered through Ranch Dog Enterprises Incorporated!

J.R. Vaquero

CBCA 11865/ABCA 399103

"Kero" came to Rafter V Ranch from Juan Reyes' breeding program in Wyoming. He is an extremely talented young dog who is proving himself on the ranch and in trial arenas and fields across Canada and the USA. His ability to read stock along with his shear power and speed are attributes we value in a working cowdog. We are extremely happy with the pups he is producing as they begin their working careers! He stamps his pups with his traits quite consistently.

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ISDS 00/356800 CBCA Pending

"Jack" came to Rafter V from South Wales and is owned in partnership with Jeff Schwitzer. Jack embodies qualities we feel will cross well with our JR Vaquero genetics. His quiet, patient work ethic does not compromise his forward power. Stock melts off his calm pressure. His transition to working various types of stock has been an easy task and we are thrilled to have him in our kennel.

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RVR Jock

CBCA 14963

This may be the most talented pup we have started to date. This J.R. Vaquero son is so similar to his father. Jock's natural desire to cover, combined with bite and presence, leave us in awe on a daily basis. At such a young age it is hard to say what his future holds but if I had to guess you will see big things from this pup down the road. He has big shoes to fill but he is already following closely in his sire's footprints.

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CBCA 17012/ABCA 445903

We are very proud to have Snip join our team in January 2020. Snip is owned in partnership with Jeff Schwitzer. Snip was bred by Miles Bailey in Missouri and is a daughter of the great "Mo" dog of Lyle East. Snip is very strong on the head and never backs down. Her stamina and ability to read stock along with her superior genetics make her a great addition to our team.

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CBCA 15083

Dot came to us as a pup from Blanchette Ranch at Vawn SK. Her easy nature and strong powerful eye as well as tons of style are just a few of her natural talents. At a young age she is already showing us she deserves a permanent place at Rafter V.

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CBCA 5518

UPDATE... Sadly we lost Gayle in the fall of 2017. Her genetics will live on at Rafter V along with the memories of a great cow dog! Gayle" is the reason, we at Rafter V, are where we are today with our Border Collie program! She was our first true experience with a cowdog who possessed everything we had heard about.... Grit, Power, Eye, Style and the ability to replace a few great stockmen!

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CBCA 6667

UPDATE... Rafter V said good bye to Shy in the fall of 2016! We will miss this determined, headstrong dog more than we can imagine! Shy" possesses everything a true "cowdog" requires to excel in everyday work or in the cowdog trial arena. Her grit and power make her a huge asset to Rafter V. Her impecible bloodlines are extremely hard to find today.

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RVR Jett

CBCA 12954

UPDATE... Jett now makes his home on a ranch in British Columbia. Thank You Jordan for trusting our program! This young male is the epitemy of quiet confience! Jett embodies alot of his father's traits although his patience and willingness go above and beyond. He is extremely biddable yet powerful and confident. He controls every situation with a quiet calm nature and treats his stock with the utmost respect.

RVR Luke

CBCA 17392

Luke is son of JR Vaquero and Snip who is proving his worth on the ranch and trial pen. His natural ability to learn and willingness to give 100% are what we admire in this young male. He is developing into a great asset for us and we are excited about his future.

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For details on pups and started dogs for sale please contact us!


As the first registered breeder of Olde English Pocket Beagles in Canada we are excited to introduce you to this amazing breed!
In 2008, after seeing reference to the "pocket beagle" we began a quest to place our hands on a breed that intrigued us and eventually captivated our family. We now offer Registered Olde English Pocket Beagles to homes across North America and have a passion to spread the awareness of the true existence of this fabulous little canine creature.
We welcome you to our website and invite you to get to know the breed, our family and the registry we are affiliated with.

Please spend some time here, check out our links and feel free to call or email us anytime. We would love to help you get to know the best friend you could ever imagine.
Check out the other pages for more information, pictures of our dogs and puppies for sale!

Olde English Pocket Beagle Association​​​

Rafter V Ranch proudly breeds and raises Registered Olde English Pocket Beagles! In 2008 we discovered the existence the most fabulous canine breed we have ever experienced. We are extremely indebted to Mr. Robert Mock for his dedication and persistence to one of the most extensive restoration projects ever to be undertaken.

For more information on the Olde English Pocket Beagle Association click here!

Our breeding program focuses on producing and raising pups who are a depiction of the "original pocket beagle" in the following ways:

  • small size
  • traditional beagle conformation
  • excellent temperament
  • adaptability
  • hardiness

Life at Rafter V is not conducive to the needs of most small breed dogs. We live an active life that for most months of the year finds us outdoors in all conditions. With three boys, horses and cattle, and a second dog breed (working border collies) life is seldom lived at a slow, calm pace. We needed a breed sturdy enough to keep up and hardy enough to enjoy the outdoor conditions of the Saskatchewan prairies. We quickly realized the qualities we were seeking were wrapped up in a perfect package that few people had yet to discover.

Being raised and educated in several livestock industries we recognize the importance of the following components to our breeding program:

  • top quality genetics
  • ethical breeding and husbandry
  • value of a dedicated veterinary team
  • proper socialization
  • assistance to our buyers in transitioning their new puppy

Top quality genetics are the key to success! With several years of breeding behind us we can now answer the question.... "Is the pocket beagle a genetically sound breed?" with a confident "YES!"
The genetic soundness of the beagle breed over years and years of breeding assist us in marketing a breed that has little to no known genetic problems. It allows us to focus on raising puppies who enter the world one step ahead of most small breeds who are known for genetic flaws. These puppies thrive if given proper conditions and seldom require more than the routine veterinary care.

Our love for the dogs has seen each and everyone of them become part of our family. We do not raise our pups in a traditional kennel setting. Our adults often are found roaming the ranch and our pups are raised in a safe, sanitary environment until approx. six weeks of age after which time they can be found playing on the lawn or in a little boys bedroom. We do have some enclosures for ensuring our dogs are kept safe and warm when unattended and winter sets in.

Our education and years in the equine and cattle industries had led us to some of Saskatchewan's finest veterinary staff that quickly became an important and valuable part of our breeding program. All our puppies by the age of 8 weeks have visited our vet and had a full checkup and age appropriate vaccinations. They also have regular worming and leave for home with a topical parasitic treatment. These are all steps to ensure you receive a healthy happy puppy.

As a family who recognizes the value of home education, our boys are an integral part of our breeding program. It truly is a family affair!
With 6 little hands around 24 hours a day socialization of the pups just seems to happen. It is not uncommon to see puppies tucked under arms in jacket pockets and in wagons as they are lovingly "toted" around Rafter V. Needless to say a Rafter V pup has experienced no lack of socialization before the age of eight weeks!

We honestly believe that our job is not complete once your puppy leaves Rafter V! We are always available to assist in any way to help transition your puppy quickly and easily to its new home. Our phone is always answered and emails returned as promptly as possible to assist with questions and concerns that arise as your puppy grows. We love nothing more than receiving updates and pictures of our past puppies in their new homes!

Please feel free to call or email anytime with any questions you may have in regard to our OEPB breeding program!

Our number one goal at Rafter V Ranch is to breed and raise puppies that will bring years of love and laughter to your home. We believe assisting our clients to select the right puppy for their home is just as important as tending to the physical needs of all our babies. We will gladly assist you in any way we can and encourage you to get to know us and our breeding program.

Due to the rarity of these pups and the high demand, our waiting lists fill fast. We encourage you to get your name on the list as soon as you are certain you would like to welcome a pup into your home. Deposits are non-refundable unless otherwise discussed. Pups are chosen by you with whatever assistance we can provide, in the order of deposit paid. Please contact us for deposit information!

 Once you choose your pup we will send you updates and pictures directly via email at your request. 

We do welcome visitors and if you wish to visit or choose your puppy in person our door at Rafter V is always open. If you are unable to visit to choose your puppy we will assist anyway we can with pictures and details on individual pups to help fit the right puppy to your home.

Most litters are ready to leave Rafter V at 8 weeks of age. We do fly our pups for an additional cost. Please call or email us for prices on puppies and shipping costs.

We do offer a one year health guarantee for genetic health issues which will be signed by the new owner and us, as breeder, at the time of purchase. All puppies will be sold on a "Pet Only" basis with proof of spay/neuter required by 8 months of age unless otherwise agreed upon by us as breeder. We offer references if you would like to speak to past buyers familiar with Rafter V.

All puppies leave Rafter V with age appropriate vaccinations, full veterinary checkup, and regular wormings. A small bag of food will also accompany your puppy to make the transition as easy as possible.

Puppies will not leave Rafter V until final payment is received!

Rafter V reserves the right, as breeder, to retain any puppy we feel should remain at Rafter V!

Health _Guarantee.pdf

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns!

Ranch Dog Inc. was launched in 2016 with a vision to provide superior, top quality resources to the rapidly growing stock dog world.

The foundation of Ranch Dog Inc. is built on a strong desire to provide education and tools necessary to establish and maintain a superior dog/handler relationship in a working, competitive or companion environment.

Our specialized services focus on an understanding of canine function in relation to handler and environment. With specific emphasis and expertise related, but not exclusive, to the working stock dog we strive to provide educational services and resources to all levels of handlers in regard to breeding, raising, training, nutrition and general care.

Each premium product we offer is marketed as the result of our own experience with difficulty accessing it elsewhere. Every item is either used by us or by other top handlers in the stock dog world.

Ranch Dog Inc. operates from our headquarters at Rafter V Ranch in central Saskatchewan.

We invite you to have a look through our website at the services and products we offer.


At Ranch Dog Inc. we place extreme value on private lessons. We strongly feel there is no better environment for you and your dog to gain knowledge, and grow as a team. Working one on one with a trainer you will achieve success much quicker than utilizing any other tool.

These lessons will be tailored to your specific goals and learning style.

 Custom Training

Our training programs are aimed at developing the instincts and directing the mind of your canine partner allowing you as a dog/handler team to maximize success in your specific field. We offer training to all ages and levels of dogs from young pups to older dogs. Training packages will be custom designed so contact us to discuss your needs.

 Stock Time

Access to stock is a key component in building a dog's skills and seasoning the handler. We provide a variety of sheep and cattle for every level of dog and handler.

Sheep time and cattle time is available Monday - Saturday 1pm - dark year round.

Book your time now!


In order to progress we must continually be learning!

Our clinics and workshops are designed for your needs.

With access to some of the best clinicians and handlers across Canada we will facilitate the best learning opportunity for you and your dog.

Check out our list of upcoming clinics and workshops or contact us with your needs and we will assist you in sourcing something in your area.

Contact us to discuss your needs in any of the above areas!

Ranch Dog Inc. is pleased to offer a few top quality products. All of the products listed below are used by us and made right here by us! Contact us if you are interested in more information, pricing or placing an order.

Ranch Dog Tuff Mat

Description: Our Ranch Dog Tuff Mat is a product we are extremely proud of. This mat is made right at Ranch Dog Inc. from high quality dairy bed matting, extremely tough, water repellent Cordura nylon. Rounded corners, double stitched seams and the durability of the Cordura nylon make this mat tougher than anything we could find on the market today. This shock absorbent high density mat will alleviate stress on pressure points keeping your dog comfortable while travelling or at home. Easy to clean!

Available in S/M/L/XL to fit most crates.

Custom sizes also available!

At Ranch Dog Inc. we recognize the complexity of canine nutrition.  We are happy to discuss any of our nutritional products with you to help you find the best diet for your canine partner. Contact us!

ELITE THREE - Top quality hemp supplements for horses and dogs!

MASTERFEEDS CANINE NUTRITION - Supporting the health of animals through balanced and wholesome ingredients is what we do.

Masterfeeds has been a leader in quality livestock and poultry animal nutrition in Canada for over 85 years.



Mission Statement

To showcase and promote registered stock dog bloodlines through breeder/owner bloodstock recognition by encouraging proper raising and training culminating with a sponsored futurity and aged events including sire & dam incentives.


• To provide an avenue for stock dog breeders to gain recognition for their genetic achievements.

• To encourage and recognize proper and timely training of young stock dogs by breeders/owners and trainers.

• To promote ongoing training and competition of aged (finished) stock dogs.

• To showcase and bring awareness to the public, the usefulness and benefits of well bred, properly trained stock dogs.



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